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About Us

Belmont is a city in Pleasants County, West Virginia. It is part of the Parkersburg-Marietta-Vienna, WV-OH Metropolitan Statistical Area. The population was 866 at the 2023 census.

Belmont was incorporated on April 19, 1946. The city was named for the beautiful hills (Belmont—or beautiful mountain) (beau mont) in the area.

Belmont is a small city, but has plenty to offer. It is filled with friendly people and nice neighborhoods that emit an inviting, homey, feel to the city. Belmont also has a lot to offer in terms of scenery, where a walk on any sunny day would allow one to appreciate the hills, forests, wildlife, and of course the Ohio River that runs along side the city. 


Belmont is home to both Belmont Elementary and Pleasants County Middle School. The two are located in one building. The school overlooks route 2 and is where all Pleasants County youth attends grades 5-8. It offers many recreational activites for the public as it has open tennis and basketball courts, 3 baseball/softball fields, a childrens playground, and a paved walking track that is always available.

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