City of Belmont Services


Fire Department: (304) 665-7401

City Hall: (304) 665-2160
FAX: (304) 665-2901

City Sewer: (304) 665-2110

City Water: (304) 665-2011

The City of Belmont has many services that keep it operating. This page displays a few of those vital services. City Hall is located on the corner of Third and Main Street. There council meetings are held, and citizens may come in to watch, voice opinions, ideas, and proposals.


The Belmont Volunteer Fire Department is located on the corner of Third and Main St., attached to city hall. The department is composed of approximately 30 volunteer fire fighters who are always on call and ready to respond. Currently the Fire Chief is Will Carouthers.


The city has a well organized and cleanly sewer operating system as well as clean water system. The heads of those operations are displayed above as Mark Gibboney as Sewer Operator, Tim Barns as Maintenance Coordinator, and Bobby Dawson as Water Operator. 

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