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City Ordinances

This page will contain ordinances, council meetings, agendas and minutes for the City of Belmont. The links below will provide information on all of that, as well as what happens in recent meetings.


Some frequently viewed Sections are listed below.

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City Council Meetings

02/7/2023      07/05/2023    12/05/2023 

02/21/2023     07/18/2023    12/19/2023

03/7/2023       08/01/2023

03/21/2023     08/21/2023

04/04/2023    09/05/2023

04/18/2023     09/19/2023

05/2/2023       10/03/2023

05/16/2023     10/17/2023

06/06/2023    11/7/2023

06/20/2023    11/21/2023

* Meetings are subject to change

 All meetings are held at City Hall at 218 Main Street Belmont WV 26134.

Council meetings are held on the first and third Tuesdays of every month at 7 P.M. at City Hall in the newly renovated council chambers and citizens may come in to watch, and voice opinions, ideas, and proposals.  

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